When You Work with Bean Guru,

You’ll Never Pay for Xero

At Bean Guru, we understand the challenges small businesses face. From bookkeeping to payroll to BAS, it can be difficult to keep up with the day-today tasks that your company requires. Not only can we provide you with accounting support to keep your business running, but we ensure that as long as you work with us, your Xero software is free.

What You Get with Bean Guru’s Full Suite of Services

Our Bookkeeping Package handles all your paperwork and financial records. With experts like our team, your paperwork is dealt with efficiently and accurately, freeing your time up so you can focus on what matters: your customers.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and manual data entry. Let us handle the busy work, including invoicing, payments, reconciliations, and compliance, ensuring you have meticulously detailed and accurate records.

Effortless Payroll Management

Our services simplify payroll processing and ensure timely payments for every employee. From managing holiday and sick leave to handling superannuation contributions, we’ve got you covered!

Seamless BAS Lodgement

Ensure your business’s compliance with regulations and avoid costly penalties. We ensure you keep up with all BAS lodgement requirements, so your tax obligations are met with precision every year.

Our Exclusive Offer to You

As a new client of Bean Guru, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to Xero, the leading cloud-based accounting software on the market. With its intuitive interface and powerful features—coupled with our team’s adept understanding of its full capabilities—we can help you manage your finances and cut back on crucial operating costs.

The Power of XERO

As one of the top choices in accounting software, we proudly stand behind our use of Xero as the most efficient program for our clients.

And once you sign up as a new full service client with Bean Guru you’ll get Xero FREE for the duration of your service.

Why Work with

Trusted Expertise

Our team has years of experience in the industry and is highly trained, intimately understanding the nuances of bookkeeping, payroll, and BAS requirements, making us a chosen favourite of our clients. We’ve helped numerous companies just like yours with their financial management.

Efficient Technological Support

We’re passionate about the power of the latest innovations in the software industry to help us streamline your processes while enhancing your business’s efficiency. Our cutting-edge systems and automation tools ensure that you have accurate, prompt records so you can take the time to focus on more pressing needs.

Personalised Approaches for All Businesses

No matter what industry you are in or how big your company is—or aspires to become—we take a personalised approach to every client we work with. By understanding your unique needs, we will tailor our systems and processes to ensure you receive the maximum benefit.

Upgrade Your Accounting Processes with Bean Guru

Let us handle the numbers so you can handle the rest. With our complete services, you can hand us the books while focusing on the customers. Best of all, you enjoy FREE Xero software while you work with us!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn about our bookkeeping package and this exclusive offer.

We look forward to helping you,
Judith and the Bean Guru Team.

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